As a keynote speaker, Jack captivates audiences with his unique blend of wit, wisdom, insights, and giddy enthusiasm.

Drawing on his extensive background as a trial lawyer, CEO, and conscious leadership coach, Jack delivers compelling speeches that resonate with leaders and teams at all levels. His speeches are tailored to inspire, challenge, and empower his audience, encouraging them to discover deeper purpose, joy, and success in their professional and personal lives. Jack has engaged and inspired teams from Baird and Warner, ActiveCampaign, RMB Capital, Salas O’Brien, Quest Food Management Systems and Threekit, among others

Jack's 60-90min Keynote topics include:

  • Aliveness Mindset
  • Taking 100% Responsibility for all results on your team.
  • Curiosity: The Path to Being a Better Leader.
  • Being a Master at giving and receiving feedback.
  • Practicing Emotional Intelligence to increase your energy.
  • Impeccable agreements in the workplace builds trust and improves results.
  • Creating psychological safety at work and on your team.
Product offering

Benefits of the program:

  • Jack's speeches are filled with engaging anecdotes, insightful analysis, and practical wisdom.
  • Audiences gain a deeper understanding of leadership dynamics, personal growth, and team synergy.
  • Jack provides actionable strategies for enhancing trust, clarity, transparency, and personal responsibility in leadership roles.

This offering is for you if you're:

  • An organization seeking an inspirational and knowledgeable speaker to motivate and enlighten their leadership teams. 
  • Producing conferences and events focusing on leadership development, personal growth, and organizational excellence.
  • A business or group needing a speaker who can offer practical insights into improving team dynamics and individual performance.

What you'll receive:

  • Inspirational and actionable takeaways that resonate with both personal and professional aspirations.
  • A variety of engaging and inspiring Keynote topics.
  • Jack's unique and personal (and humorous style).
  • Approx 60-90mins keynotes.
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Whether you're a seasoned leader or stepping into a new role, our offerings are crafted to energize your journey, infusing joy and purpose into every facet of your life.

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