Aliveness Mindset

When was the last time you truly felt alive?

What if you could experience a feeling of aliveness not just once in a while, but every single day? 

"That is the promise and goal of my debut book, Aliveness Mindset. The tools and practices in this book are my life’s work as an executive coach and CEO. After 17 years of running my business, work began to feel heavy, and a cycle of putting out fires. I began integrating several theories and ideas into a daily practice to help me feel more energized and bring out the best version of me. This practice changed my life and I call this having an Aliveness Mindset. Focusing on my mindset transformed my perspective, making every day vibrant and purposeful. This work is inspired by neuroscience and mindset pioneers, and is a catalyst for rejuvenation and peak performance.  I believe that you are fully capable of bringing the best, most vibrantly alive version of yourself into the world day after day. You have to define your own version of aliveness, guard it and grow it. 

Helping leaders focus on their mindset to maximize their potential is an important part of my overall coaching style of Living All In. I believe that our mindset is the most powerful tool we have. What we tell ourselves becomes our reality.  I help Every client develop their own unique daily aliveness mindset in order to reach their Optimal State more often, to better overcome the ups and downs of life. Leaders report being more creative, confident and clear, while also being more resilient to daily stress. Our positive energy while we are at our best is contagious and has a positive impact on our teams. Imagine the impact and potential of teams who have these tools to reach their full potential."

Circle of Aliveness

The Circle of Aliveness is a game-changer for those ready to reignite their daily energy, passion and zeal for life.

Tailored for workshops, retreats, or offsite sessions, Jack, with his blend of passion and expertise, guides leaders through the seven core traits of aliveness. Instead of being dictated by schedules, learn to align actions with desired emotions.

The seven principles for The Circle of Aliveness are:

  1. Ownership
  2. Openness
  3. Awareness
  4. Authenticity
  5. Courage
  6. Tenacity
  7. Love

Aliveness Mindset Book Launch

A special celebration with clients, colleagues, family, and friends!

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