Explore deep self-insight with the Enneagram Personality Typing.

With 9 distinct types, from the Perfectionist to the Peacemaker, this instrument shines a light on hidden drivers and behavioral influences that might hinder your productivity, motivation and happiness. 

Understanding your type, and those of your team, not only offers targeted recommendations for personal growth but also accelerates your coaching journey, making every session more impactful. Every client and every executive team member that Jack works with is typed by Judy Craven, emphasizing the immense value of knowing your type, the type of others on your team and how the types interact.

Enneagram types:

  • Type One: Often referred to as the Perfectionist, Reformer, or Good Person, they strive for integrity and balance.
  • Type Two: Known as the Helper or Giver, they exude warmth and strive to make the world a more loving place.
  • Type Three: Recognized as the Achiever Performer, they are adaptive and excel in turning challenges into successes.
  • Type Four: The Idealist, Romantic, or Individualist is passionate and seeks depth and authenticity in all they do.
  • Type Five: Termed the Investigator or Observer, they are perceptive and treasure knowledge and competence.
  • Type Six: The Loyal Skeptic is committed and security-oriented, ensuring stability in an ever-changing world.
  • Type Seven: As the Enthusiast or Epicure, they are joyful spirits, always planning for future pleasures.
  • Type Eight: The Protector or Challenge seeks control over their environment and defends against injustices.
  • Type Nine: Often known as the Peacemaker or Mediator, they desire peace and are skilled at seeing every perspective.

As each type becomes more aware of their patterns in reactivity, they are better able to choose a response, act more productively, and relate better to others. 

Presentations, Retreats & Workshops

Half or full day offerings include:

  • Overview of the Enneagram: Understand the dynamics of each type and how it shows up at work.
  • Understanding Reactivity: Delve into the 9 distinct types of reactivity and how they manifest.
  • Conflict Dynamics: Explore the 9 unique conflict styles and their implications.
  • Communication Styles: Understand how the 9 types give and receive feedback.
  • Listening Perspectives: Recognize how our type biases our listening and can affect our interpretation.
  • Leadership Styles: Discover the 9 different leadership types and their strengths and challenges.
Product offering

Benefits of the program:

  • Address behavioral patterns, blind spots, and triggers.
  • Experience personalized growth recommendations.
  • Achieve accelerated coaching progress.
  • Better understand how others on your team see the world.

This offering is for you if you're:

  • Interested to understand your deepest motivations and behavioral influences.
  • Looking to enhance your self-awareness and that of your teams.

What you'll receive:

  • In-depth Enneagram Personality Assessment by a certified practitioner.
  • Detailed insights into your type and its implications.
  • Personalized recommendations for growth and development.
  • Accelerated progress in coaching sessions.
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Whether you're a seasoned leader or stepping into a new role, our offerings are crafted to energize your journey, infusing joy and purpose into every facet of your life.

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"Judy is AMAZING!! It was the most successful workshop in our 15 years in business!"
Britt Whitfield, CEO, Revel Global Events.
Britt Whitfield, CEO, Revel Global Events.
"Judy's mastery of the Enneagram unlocked our ability to connect, collaborate and communicate"
Brenda Jacobsen (Enneagram) Managing Director, STS Capital Partners
Brenda Jacobsen Managing Director, STS Capital Partners
"I highly recommend Judy and her team for any organization looking to help their team members grow and work together more effectively."
Clint Paton, COO at The Revel Group
Clint Paton, COO at The Revel Group
"Judy’s grasp of the Enneagram is second to none. Judy was able to bring practical clarity for people around their own types, as well as how to better work with others."
Anjani Bhargava, Chief Talent Officer, Abundant Venture Partners
Anjani Bhargava, Chief Talent Officer, Abundant Venture Partners
"The Enneagram has helped us improve communication and working relationships, while increasing our understanding of others' point of views."
Jennifer Rydwelski, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer, RMB Capital
Jennifer Rydwelski, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer, RMB Capital